Search engine monopolization (SEM) is the newest process delivering the right visibility of your branded website in search engines naturally. Monopolizing search engines is key for a business when the end user is searching for a very specific title. By looking at
keywords like you would a real estate property you have purchased you will come to find that each individual key word has a very categorical value. In the renown board game Monopoly, Boardwalk and Park Place are worth the most targeted properties you
can own and the most expensive. Most players are spending most of their time, if not all trying to purchase these two valuable spaces. Strategically speaking, if you own Baltic or Vermont ave your chances of somebody landing on your space are much greater based
on the math. Most businesses are shooting for the stars and spending a lot of money on expensive online property but not realizing that they are just leasing it. Using the Search Engine Monopolization process your business is not leasing any property, you actually own the lane.


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