Branding Expert Jay Leopardi

Jay Leopardi, lifestyle and pop culture branding expert, is the founder & CEO of Bad Boy Branding. Working with start-ups to top tier brands, he reinvents the traditional structure of brand development. Leopardi’s theory: a great product that doesn't connect with people in their everyday lives is like a Rolls Royce with no gas: it looks great, but it's not going anywhere. World famous celebrities, start-up entrepreneurs, and mega-corporations are just a few of the different types of clients Jay Leopardi and his team of industry leading professionals empower. While he has helped shape the personal brands of celebrities like Cedric the Entertainer and companies like Fuse Science, some of Leopardi's favorite projects have been in the fashion and technology industries. His skills range from innovative inventions, new business funding techniques, concept actualization, and product launch campaigns. His entrepreneurial endeavors include product placement, licensing and integration, TV & film production as well as online brand awareness.  Focusing on an A-to-Z service palette, Jay Leopardi handles every step in the process of brand growth -- from start to finish. As seen in many publications such as Forbes, Newsweek, Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal, Strategy Magazine, Elle, Upscale, Ok Weekly, and many others, Jay shares dynamic real life stories and delivers real business messages in real time with his populous audience. Jay emphasizes the importance of relationships like his tight-knit bond with “The Shark” Daymond John, of the hit television show “Shark Tank,” and many of the entrepreneurs launched from that show.  Collectively handling a seven-figure business that started from his own home, Leopardi has been labeled “the master of reinvention” according to Strategy Magazine and is the ultimate representation of an entrepreneurial success story. 


Jay Leopardi from Jay Leopardi on Vimeo.




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