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Jay Leopardi is an American entrepreneur whose endeavors include entertainment management, product placement, branding, licensing, TV & film production, as well as celebrity endorsements. His skills range from search engine monopolization to new business funding techniques, concept actualization, motivational speaking, and product launch campaigns. Jay works closely with celebrities, and fortune 500 companies in delivering brand management and new technology.​ Previous and current titles include the owner of viral, consumer electronic brand Fanstereo, incorporating top-tier celebrities who have created their own capsule collections. Previously, he was the Chairman of a private entertainment branding agency, working alongside some of the most renown celebrities in the world.​In 2019, Jay envisioned an ambitious project that would present a solution for a vast gap that exists in the music industry. After two years of putting heart and soul into the project with a network of fantastic relationships in the industry, Jay launched AVENUEAR in August of 2021. AVENUEAR is the first digital music delivery platform where independent artists have the unique opportunity to submit their material directly to industry professionals. Jay’s idea is to create a bridge for those artists, songwriters, and producers who have encountered a barrier of the refrain of ‘no unsolicited materials’ by all record labels in the past. Now, all independent artists can submit music to their preferred executive, directly. The platform includes a variety of professionals who concentrate on diverse genres including Rap, R&B, Hip-Hop, Pop, Electric, Latin, Rock, Country, and more. Jay is committed to helping independent musicians of the world make their music dreams come to life. It's time we revolutionize the music industry.
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