ENERGY PIX by Weard Science Products.

Each Energy Pix toothpick has 7 mgs of caffeine and 25 mcgs of Vitamin B-12.  We offer the recommended daily allowance of Vitamin B-12  in each toothpick, so you receive a full, healthy dose.  This is crucial in turning your food intake in to energy.  We are not as intense on the caffeine side, with 7 mgs of caffeine in each toothpick.  However, many studies show that low-dosing caffeine throughout the day offers a better state of alertness than the high doses of caffeine you get in an energy drink.  Also, with Energy Pix, you’ll never “crash” like you do with other energy products or get those nasty jitters.  EnergyPix is an on-demand energy product.  You tailor it to your needs.  When you want a pick-me-up, grab a toothpick.  With zero-calories, you never have to worry about putting on the pounds or running to the bathroom constantly.

It has been determined, the best way to get through your work day is to chew an Energy Pix an hour after lunch, and every hour after afterwards, until quitting time.  This should put your total use around 5-6 Energy Pix per day.  Obviously, every person is different.  So, some may need more; some may need less.   Energy Pix was designed to be tailored to each person’s needs.  You will be able to gauge pretty quickly what works best for you.


WITCHY POO by Weard Science Products.

Witchy-Poo was designed for those women who appreciate the benefits of an all natural, symptom-relief formula for overcoming PMS, and demand the energy boost to get back in the game.
Witchy-Poo goes to work to reduce cramping, breast tenderness, muscle aches, headache, and abdominal pain.  We understand that these symptoms can stop you in your tracks, and reduce your ability to be active.  We have also developed a very specific energy blend designed to bounce you back into the reality of your demanding day.
Some of the most annoying issues that come with PMS is bloating, swelling, water-weight gain, and mood swings.  Our unique blend focuses on these symptoms because we know that not only do we want you to feel great and be alert; we also want you to look great! 

LIQUID MONEY By Patrick McCarthy

Money changes everything, right? Well, this new money-scented fragrance just might make you rich. Inspired by a Japanese study that showed workers became more efficient around the smell of money, creator Patrick McCarthy decided to infuse that papery-fresh aroma into his new perfume, Her Money. Pink grapefruit, mandarin, freesia, passion fruit, Hawaiian wedding flower, and melon harmonize with the aroma of crisp bills, resulting in a balance that's juicy and citrusy, but not too sweet. There's also a men's scent for the dudes in your life, and both come packed in a box of shredded US bills. Here's to feeling (and smelling) like you're made of money in 2011. You never know, it could bring you the Benjamin's.

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