Social Reactor Brings Premium Brand Engagement to Social Advertising


SAN FRANCISCO, CA and INDIANAPOLIS, IN – December 10, 2012 – Social Reactor, the premium social engagement platform, today announced its official launch after a successful beta program. Social Reactor provides advertisers with access to more than 250 million engaged followers of social influencers and celebrities on social media platforms such as Twitter and Tumblr, enabling brands and marketers to effectively target and engage with their audience. For social influencers and celebrities, Social Reactor offers an enhanced way for them to increase engagement with their followers, grow their follower base and align with brands to earn revenue from social outreach.

"We are committed to a premium social engagement experience that delivers a company’s precise message, transforming the way influencers, brands and consumers interact with each other in an increasingly noisy social market,” said Scott A. Jones, CEO, ChaCha. “Whether driving traffic to a desktop, mobile device or online video, Social Reactor guarantees impact and engagement that grow your business.”

During its soft launch, major advertisers including Shark Branding have leveraged Social Reactor to dramatically increase traffic and awareness, radically amplifying their existing social efforts while improving their return on ad-spend. Building on this early success, the full launch of Social Reactor’s premium platform for brands will see continued growth of its influencer and celebrity network.

Entrepreneurial heavyweight Daymond John, (The Shark), branding mogul and star of ABC’s Shark Tank, believes that Social Reactor is the premier social engagement platform. When celebrity and corporate strategist Jay Leopardi introduced The Shark to Social Reactor, he was immediately hooked.

“I have decided to work with Social Reactor, due to its targeted branding and streamlined strategy. I know that it will directly benefit my celebrity clients, brands and myself," explains John. “When trying to target your core consumer, comparing it to other products, the difference is like shooting at a target with a shotgun versus with a rifle. Social Reactor is the rifle!"

“The epitome of targeted brand exposure is found through Social Reactor. Companies can feel much more confident in advertising and continue their investments in social media,” says Leopardi. “This power of brand interaction and engagement will absolutely result in direct influences in the business’s bottom line.”

A wholly owned subsidiary of ChaCha, the #1 free, real time Q&A service online, Social Reactor has demonstrated up to 6x revenue increases for brands through its premium social advertising campaigns and already delivers over 2 million visits daily through the platform. For social influencers, Social Reactor offers an enhanced way for them to grow their own followings and align with brands to earn revenue from outreach. Potential advertisers have access to a premium qualified influencer network that can deliver targeted messages, thereby increasing social engagement for their brands.

Available now, Social Reactor provides a self-serve portal for influencers and brands to align for maximum impact. For more information, please

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In Newsweek Magazine

New App Helps Cheaters Cover Their Tracks

How the unfaithful cover their tracks.

The app is named CATE, short for Call and Text Eraser—which pretty much explains its basic function. Once set up, CATE keeps hidden any and all contact from certain special friends until the user inputs a secret access code. Better still, the app isn’t even visible on the phone until you enter the code, providing an extra layer of protection from snooping spouses.

“It’s like having a safe inside your phone that nobody knows is there!” enthuses Jay Leopardi, the branding expert Desai hired to get CATE up and running.

Desai didn’t create CATE. He bought it from a cop in West Palm Beach who developed the program after a pal of his wound up in divorce court thanks to incriminating messages on his cell. “He didn’t want it to happen to any more of his friends,” explains Desai.

Recognizing CATE’s potential, Desai took it on ABC’s venture-capital reality show Shark Tank to plead for $50,000 in financing. He wound up with $70K—but not before provoking the strange spectacle of the show’s five hard-nosed, profit-minded “sharks” arguing about the morality of funding a “cheater’s app.”

Cheatees are likely to have even bigger problems with CATE. One member of the Surviving Infidelity website posted that she “started to shake” just watching the “despicable segment” about the app.

Sensitive to this line of criticism, Desai claims that, with CATE, he hopes to cut down on relationship squabbles and domestic violence—maybe even save lives. (“I’m like a firefighter!” he joked to the “sharks.”)

In addition to serving cheaters, CATE can be used to catch them. By secretly downloading CATE onto Spouse A’s phone, Spouse B can create an invisible record of calls and texts that can be surreptitiously retrieved even after the originals have been deleted. Notes Leopardi gleefully: “What this creates is a frenzy over whoever gets it first.”

CATE has seen about 10,000 downloads—70 percent of them by women, claims Desai—since the Android version launched in late September (an iPhone version is due out in a few weeks).

But Desai has bigger plans. Leopardi is busy reaching out to corporations and government agencies about CATE’s broader potential for safeguarding confidential information.

But don’t expect CATE to go respectable any time soon. “The ‘cheater’s app’ is the draw,” reasons Desai. “It makes it more interesting than saying, ‘Hey, we’ve got a privacy app.’”


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