While dining in a restaurant, like many restaurant patrons, "Doc J" wanted to place his flatware on the restaurant tabletop in order to avoid the germs that he knew were on the table. However, there was no napkin, dish or place setting available to set his flatware. He suddenly envisioned the new unique germ resistant Touchless Flatware patented design. This new Touchless modern American design is unique in that when upright the mouthpiece end avoids touching the table.

The name Cintron, dubbed for a popular Latin surname, embodies the energy and flavors of this growing beverage company. With the success of the Cintron Original, the company extended their winning formula for developing great-tasting products to iced teas, fruit ades, and the industry’s best tasting line of energy drinks. With fresh flavors like Pineapple Passion, Tropical Azul, Cranberry Splash, Citrus Mango, and Original Citrus, stores can’t keep their shelves stocked.

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